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What We Do
  One of the biggest challenges we face in healthcare today is finding all the missing pieces that could be contributing to illness, connecting the dots to current symptoms, and then finding the right practitioners and treatments to help us remove these obstacles and find our way back to health.

  Physical symptoms are just the beginning of the process – and are also the end of the line for distress and potentially illness that has been building for a long time. By using these symptoms as clues to lead us back in time we can see how illness developed, combined with other conditions and emotional and environmental factors, and became embedded in an unsolvable process.

  Many of the solutions at use in today’s world are masking our illnesses and actually preventing healing. By uncovering the hidden events and processes that have been taking place in our bodies for a long time, we can begin to find a way out of our suffering and move towards full health.

Medical Detection
  Using a process of deconstruction and customized inquiry, we work with individuals, children and families to uncover the overlooked and invisible clues involved in your illness.

  We look at symptoms, traumas, past treatments, dental antecedents, addictions, family constellations, and medications to develop a full picture of your biospiritual landscape. From there we follow the trail to both mainstream and lesser known diagnostics, therapies and treatments.

  We meet with individuals and families to deconstruct the events of their illness and find the clues to what is causing distress. We go to the home, office, or any location where you spend most of your time to discover what hidden toxic and environmental factors may be contributing to the problem.

  Following the inquiry process we can do in-depth research for our clients -- connecting the many clues revealed in the inquiry to outside resources. We locate supporting studies, information, documentation, case studies, on-line references; labs and testing, and detailed practitioner referrals.

Community groups
  We help folks to connect with others in their area for ongoing support of each other. We've found that people with different illnesses, symptoms, and diagnoses can actually be of great service to others in finding treatments that work and practitioners that are part of your team.

  No illness is the same and no treatment is the same -- but through sharing our experiences we can enrich each other's healing process. Being with others with different problems who share the energetic and emotional distress of trying to get well can expedite wellness and open up new possibilities for understanding and treatment.

  We help facilitate small groups and also a buddy program for support when going to see any practitioner. Third party support – another individual taking notes, asking questions, and providing emotional clarity -- can bring invaluable help to the person who is in distress and lost in the field of the practitioner.


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